i3 Profiling

i3 Profiling

You may be wondering what makes i3, a trait-based personality assessment different from psychometric assessments?
In the UK the British Psychological Society‚Äôs (BPS) Psychological Testing Centre (PTC), carries out the certification of psychometric assessments. In order to be certified by the PTC a test must have a level of standardisation and norming built into it. The BPS agree that i3 does NOT fit into their pre-set certification criteria because by definition, we do not normalise or standardise results. Your displayed results are EXACTLY how you answered them in your assessment.
By not adopting any norming, i3 remains an accurate and individually unique tool that does not group people into categories.
At i3 we identify your individuality and celebrate uniqueness.

i3 profiling is a tool to identify the unique strengths of each member of your team to increase the productivity and success. 

At Root Cause Consultancy, we specialise in i3 profiling to support clients in their efforts to grow the business by helping each individual become more self aware of how they can help their colleagues.

An i3 profiling  assessment can be completed online in 15-20 minutes, with feedback provided on a one to one basis with personal awareness effects that can last a lifetime. 

Invest in Self Awareness

The way you see people is the way you treat them, and the way you treat them is what they become.

Client Testimonials
(names withheld but all can be validated)

"The assessment process was more comfortable than other psychometric testing I've been involved with historically and the advice that came back was practical and it was great to be able to discuss possible manifestations of behaviours/traits and ways in which to address the balance. At a top level, it was really useful to think of these traits as a spectrum rather than strengths and weaknesses. Kevin is well versed in administering and analysing the tool and his approach was supportive and I would have no hesitation in recommending this to anyone who was thinking of drilling down into personal and team dynamics."
Entrepreneur, Multiple Businesses

"This is my second experience with a people profiling system and i3 was far superior. The key for me was how it didn't place an individual into a box, with the inevitability of creating conflict or division. i3 clearly focuses on an individuals characteristics, and finds positives in all aspects, including the weaker traits. Overall, a brilliant tool which I will be considering its use in the future."
Chairman, Electrical Wholesaler

"Very surprised how accurate the profile and assessment was. Really has given things to work on, as well as open my eyes to what I thought were strengths but in certain situations can hinder completion of tasks. Would definitely recommend. "
Director, Construction Company

"Kev did a great job understanding my personality and my strengths, explaining each area really well, and helping me to understand how this could impact the way that I work and engage with others in my environment."
Marketing Manager,  International Technology Group

"Very surprised how close the I3 Profile reflected on my personality and business culture. At first I wasn't sure the answers were totally accurate but when it was explained to me by Kevin, I could see the traits I inherently display going back to my University days 25 years ago and have been with me since. Brilliant"

Partner, Chartered Accountants

" Very insightful and useful experience. The whole process was extremely straightforward and the results will prove really useful for us. The report is a great tool to revise on occasion. All round great experience. "
Director, Property Developer 

  " I was really surprised how accurate the i3 profiling was and how it allowed me not only to become more aware of my own strengths and weaknesses but more importantly provided awareness on others and their key markers. This should allow me to allow for our differences and understand how we can work more effectively together in future."
Director, IT Communications

" Kevin provided a well balanced, holistic and professional appraisal of both my current position and that of my team. I value his ability to signpost, coach and mentor both myself and my team in order to secure our full potential both individually and as a team. Great experience!"
Managing Director, Financial Services

"I found the profiling pretty much summed me up, as an individual. It will help me to focus more on the areas that require attention to improve me as a person, an employer and also to address my weaker areas when liaising with clients. It is a fantastic tool that brings to light the natural traits that one possesses, but also where one needs to focus in the search for overall improvement. I am looking forward to the Management Team completing their profiling, so that we can learn to work together with improved effectiveness."
Managing Director, Construction Company