i3 Career Direction

Career Direction

i3 Career Direction 

is an extra dimension to traditional career advice providing young adults with a one page, totally unique and individual report which will guide them towards greater awareness around how and where they are likely to perform and learn best. 

Our insightful coaching session helps young adults between 16 to 21 years old, discover who they are and in turn find for themselves the best possible answers, options and outcomes around their potential aspirations, career, or education choices. 

A simple online assessment with a’ no wrong answer’ approach allows the outcome to help shape a student in their approach to learning; the results are explained by a qualified coach in a non-judgmental way using a one-page summary to help with the understanding of the students preferred methods of study and learning environment. 

This helps to align the student, parent, teacher, and careers adviser when determining the best outcome for the student.

As much as an individual pupil will learn from discussing why they feel the way the do towards study; this self-awareness exercise is all about aligning teachers and parents to accept their approach to learning more readily. 

Decisions can then be made using the traits and attributes to take on roles better suited to the pupil rather than institution.

So whether it be simple guidance or addressing the breakdown in relationships – the i3 Career Direction sessions will help focus the pupil at the most important stage in their career choice.