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How We Help You and Your Business?

Our process uses the reference to the sea as the economic climate, sometimes 'flat calm' and others it is 'stormy'. This is how a business needs to prepare itself to sail in all weather and not be unprepared for a change in circumstances. 

Start-ups are normally smaller than established businesses, so their 'boat' is normally less well-resourced and needs to be more careful.  Growing businesses must ensure it attracts the right skills to sail a larger boat in stormy conditions, not just calm or better conditions where a false sense of security could develop.

Discovery Session

Spending time with you as a team leader or business owner ensures that before solutions to your challenges can be thought through and recommended, an in-depth understanding of what you are wanting to achieve is made clear by you.

Design Recommendations

Solutions are not always ready-made courses or fix-it packages, solutions will be put forward that consider the impact of the plan on the individuals and the business currently activity before implementation.

Deliver & Support

Once a plan has been agreed, implementing the changes will be managed and monitored with the business leaders at a pace that doesn't create disruption to 'normal business' as the impact of change takes place.


Discovery Session
2-hours in client premises

  • Visit the business and discuss how the business works
  • Listen to what improvements or changes the business owner(s) wish to make

  • Discuss growth impact on the team roles and activities

HubSpot Forever Free
CRM Platform

  • Create a full working version of the HubSpot database for the business if required
  • Discuss the potential for the business and initial tasks for the CRM system


Design & Build
HubSpot CRM Database

  • Design database structure to manage the prospects and clients’ activities
  • Agree system project to improve electronic processes including linking database to website
  • Design templates and reports to help manage the business functions efficiently

Process Mapping

  • Encourage system process stages to be identified to control enquiry & sales processes including synchronising email accounts
  • Develop a process map with the business owner(s) to improve efficiency especially in growth

Development Planning

  • Analyse existing data records for GDPR and marketing permission
  • Develop high-level plan of changes and improvements for implementation

  • Improving functionality within HubSpot database
  • Cleansing legacy data and import into HubSpot for new processes


Business or Team Leader
Support Plan

  • Regular monthly or quarterly mentoring session with business owner(s) to stay focused and on-track
  • Meeting in business premises or offsite locations for up to 4-hours with post-meeting report

Character Profiling for
Business Influencers

  • Profile influencers (or project leaders) to establish personal characteristics and self-awareness of their behaviour
  • Confidential one to one profile feedback session
  • Provide confidential written reports after feedback

Leadership or Project Team
Development Workshop

  • After team members have had their individual profile feedback
  • Facilitate a team workshop with consolidated team profiles to improve collaboration

Root Cause Consultancy works with business owners and senior leadership teams to empower individuals to improve working relationships, reducing frustration with systems and removing cost from processes. 

We are a registered provider for NBSL’s North East Business Support Fund helping businesses to improve their competitiveness with grant aid.

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