i3 Dynamix

Team Dynamix

The i3 Dynamix session has been specifically designed for groups of people embarking on the i3 journey together. i3 team feedback is given – with every team member’s individual report summarised into a group format and delivered as a thought-provoking workshop. These workshops are usually 3 – 4 hours in length and the following could be covered:

  • Re-cap on what i3 feedback represents, including bespoke feedback that takes actual team member’s profiles into consideration.

  • Team indicator profile – an average i3 profile reflecting results for all the team members

  • Team productive environment (PE) – plots each team member on the PE graph to highlight whether or not people are being pushed too far outside of their comfort zone and thus becoming less productive.

  • Multiple activities to get the team interacting and exercising their newly exposed levels of social awareness.

  • Set actions to ensure new findings are not wasted.

This approach has been successfully used for many different types of teams in various sectors. Whether you are a small working group, part of a large organisation or a sports team – the effects of i3 dynamix will take your team to another level.

As much as an individual feedback session increases self-awareness, the team dynamix session is all about increasing social awareness. By understanding each other better, team members tend to accept their differences more readily and the team becomes more cohesive. Decisions can also be made which enable individuals with the most suitable traits and attributes to take on tasks better suited to them.

So whether it be simple team building, identifying project teams or identifying skill gaps and opportunities – the i3 Dynamix session has proven invaluable time and time again.