i3 Individual Profiling

Individual Profiling

The foundation of i3 and all its related tools and services hinges on an oline assessment, called the i3 Profile.

Although it only takes 15-20 minutes to complete, its effcets will last a lifetime.

Taking into account 7 individual insistinctive indicators, the assessment will reveal a totally unique combination for each person as well as provide insight into the environment they are likely to be most productive and fulfilled within - no two results generated by the assessment are the same.

To ensure accurate professional feedback, an accredited i3 coach examines the results of each profile to provide personal, bespoke feedback heightening both self and social awareness. If you are an individual completing an i3 profile, this feedback can occur face-to-face, via a web chat or telephonically. 

If you belong to a team, in which multiple people are being profiled, an accredited i3 coach can facilitate a team workshop so that everyone can better understand, appreciate and harness one another’s unique strengths.

If you are an employer using i3 as a means of analysing potential employees, an automated recruitment report will be sent to you.