About Us

About Us

Kevin Maddison MBA


Root Cause Consultancy was founded by Kevin Maddison, Managing Director, in 2003 to help small to medium-sized companies develop team relationships, and administrative processes to reduce risk and improve profitability. 

Having spent decades working with SME leadership teams in the construction, financial services, property, investment, and technology sectors, both in the UK and international territories and in recent times helping GP practices cope with the huge demand on their practices by their patient groups.

Kevin's conclusion in the process of helping businesses of any size starts with assessing the management teams' awareness of themselves. 

As an i3 Accredited Associate, the people that engage are assured that the personal awareness stage when working with any individual or group of people creates the foundation for improvement and development plans.

It is a well established fact that the business owners, or senior managers, who lead teams, have more influence over business results than any of the systems employed in them. Too little is done to improve individual skills despite investing over and over again in systems and processes with poor returns.

Not enough time is spent understanding and developing the working environment, however, that said, the systems do need to be efficient enough to sustain the present and scalable for future needs of the business.

Finally, there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all solution - we need to understand before solutions are implemented.  So that starts with your enquiry for an initial discussion to see if we can help.


I work with people as an accredited i3 profiling coach and work with software solutions, as a HubSpot software solutions partner. 

I like to work with owners/senior teams along with their people, their business processes and how they retain their clients.

  • I like to improve team relationships through communication working in small departmental groups.
  • I look to help businesses focus on cutting cost when moving information around the business (e.g., paper to CRM, website data capture forms, etc).
  • I look to help with retaining clients, who will do repeat business, which is almost always at the top of the agenda.
Come and explain what you would like to do and to see if we can work out ways to improve your business.