HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM Solutions

At Root Cause Consultancy, we are HubSpot CRM accredited, which means we can help you integrate your current process together with HubSpot functionality.

Businesses of any size have a unique opportunity to use the HubSpot Free CRM system functionality; it allows as many members of the business to replace those manual forms and difficult-to-manage spreadsheets controlling your enquiries and sales pipeline processes.

That happens without signing long-term contracts and unnecessary costs as this CRM is at the heart of HubSpot platform modules which is TOTALLY FREE FOREVER.

The next step will be to develop your skills and use more automation inside the system however you will need to move into versions of the Hubspot system and incur the related fees.  The changes will take a great deal of planning as tasks are removed from the daily activities of team members, time savings allow efficiency gains but you need to manage the team members affected.

A huge caveat when developing any business process is it takes time to map the process, explain the 'whys', the need to train your team, and the need to be realistic about the commitment needed.  Most business leaders require change quickly and without much involvement, this doesn't usually happen in our experience.


Generate qualified leads. Generate content, capture leads, and nurture them until they're qualified and sales-ready.


Turn leads into customers. Engage potential buyers, demonstrate the value of your offering, and close deals.


Convert customers into promoters. Resolve customer issues to ensure success that generates positive word of mouth.

Ideally your customer-facing teams work at peak efficiency to support the buyers journey in a seamless way, in reality, there are bottlenecks that lead to friction.  Where do you see opportunities to improve?

Platform Funnel to Flywheel

The buyer's journey is a cycle. That’s why we’ve taken the traditional funnel — where someone moves from marketing, to sales, to customer service, all in separate silos — and thought about it in a new way. That new way is called the flywheelIn the flywheel, each stage of the buyer’s journey is interconnected. And they feed each other, so you get leverage at every stage.