FORE Business Golf Network

FORE Business Golfing Network

Formalising Your Golf Networking

It’s all very well having corporate golf days or arranging ad hoc rounds here and there; they certainly have their merits. But there’s always the danger that the moment is soon gone and all the positive noises that came from the day are forgotten as you head back to your routine.

But what if your golf was a consistent part of your networking schedule offering you a chance to liaise with and get to know others from the local business community on a regular basis?

That’s exactly what “FORE” business offers its members. A chance to sign up to become a member of a regular golf network event local to you.

Within your membership you’d get to attend your monthly networking meeting and play golf, plus redeem a monthly 4-ball and even join other members from across the UK on some of the finest golf courses in the UK, after all you do have 100 courses to choose from.

That means that you’ll not only be getting the chance to enjoy the golf but also the opportunity to enhance your profile through some additional business benefits such as:

  • Meet & Greet sessions before tee-off
  • Presentation opportunities
  • Tailoring your networking to those with whom you choose
  • Active Social Media platforms to meet members from across the UK
  • Access to over 1600 business leaders on our exclusive member App

Combining the unique appeal that golf has to many thousands of enthusiasts with the best practices in business networking “FORE” business offers an excellent, fun and active way to help grow your business and widen your corporate reach.