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Business Energy Savings

By putting the customer at the heart of everything Fusion for Business do, they’re proud to be the market leaders in helping businesses unlock savings across a range of utility and associated running costs.

Fusion for Business are dedicated to supporting clients in the long term. Their end-to-end energy solutions are tailored to any business, big or small, and are capable of tackling the challenges of today, tomorrow and even yesterday!

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From Energy Portfolio Profiling, through to Procurement, Strategy, Contracting, Termination, Go Live, Bill Audits, Sign Off and Dedicated Account Handling, Fusion for Business got what it takes to save you time, money and a whole lot of hassle!


By operating a ‘both sides of the meter’ approach, Fusion for Business provide a highly disruptive ‘subscription energy and facilities management’ solution that unlocks guaranteed cost and carbon savings for your business. Debt free and off-balance sheet.


Fusion for Business are the experts in taking complex situations and simplifying them for our customers. Acting on your behalf Fusion for Business can right the wrongs of the past when it comes to wrongly incurred costs from supplier billing errors & mis-sold energy broker commissions.