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Venues are in North East locations. There are limited places for each event.


Is Your Business Considering a CRM?


CRM systems can improve efficiencies in repetitive processes or manage data on clients and prospects effectively to save time and improve results. Some CRM functionality is free forever, but business owners rarely investigate their options. Once in place it could save many man-hours and thousands of pounds annually if adopted correctly.

 Should you be confused with your CRM options to improve your business processes and wonder why you need to use one, then spend time with your fellow business owners, or senior managers, and discuss what a CRM may be able to help you with. It maybe you don’t need a CRM at all.

 Workshops are run for invited parties only; they are free and run from 09:30 am until 1:30 pm.

Will Workforce Mapping Raise Awareness of your Team Behaviours?


This workshop explains Workforce Mapping DNA (Development Needs Analysis) and provides an insight into understanding the team strengths within your business providing an introduction into the workforce as a whole and that contrasted with the natural strengths and traits of the Senior Leadership team.

 This is not an HR Performance Management tool – it will not grade or pigeon-hole your team members.

The i3 approach aims to help workforce decision makers to maximise people’s potential by identifying existing strengths, challenges, and opportunities.

At the heart of the i3 analysis is the ability to look at the uniqueness of individuals within the context of specific roles and teams. This leads to us being able to provide you with a level of behavioural competencies DNA to work alongside your functional skills DNA.

 The workshop provides a high-level overview to support business development and people strategy to facilitate the delivery of key business and development plans.

 Workshops are run for invited parties only; they are free and runs from 03:00 pm until 4:30 pm.

Event & Workshop Timetable

SME Leadership & Management teams
Considering a CRM

A different way of considering what processes exist inside most businesses and looking to make it easier for customers to do business with you.

This regular popular workshop focuses on what you need a CRM for, if at all. 

Various Dates and Venues

SME Leadership & Management teams
Workforce Mapping

Simple individual team analysis can create incredible intelligence about behaviours for managers.

This workshop last 3-hours and will explain self awareness and the positive impact on teams.

Various Dates and Venues

Core CRM Creation

Create and design functionality for your business with professional support with HubSpot at its core.

Basic CRM processes are set up and trained for your operational team managers in sales, marketing, contract and delivery to help make their activities much more efficient.

from £2,500 with no monthly fees after

Workshop Delegate Testimonials

“Enjoyable, very informative & an easy to follow course to help you grasp the workings of a CRM system, it’s purpose & how it can help you & your business provide a better service & increase sales.  Kevin is very knowledgeable & a great communicator.  I thoroughly enjoyed the course, learned a lot & would highly recommend attending!”

Wendy Robison, Director, Krazy Kingdom


"Joining the “Considering a CRM” workshop made me realise that my company marketing and sales activities are currently very haphazard. It was a perfect introduction to CRM and clearly explained how it can help organise and control day today marketing and sales tasks whilst saving time on tedious admin."

Owen Weightman, Owner, 3D Virtual Spaces


“The Hubspot CRM Workshops were a fantastic way, not only to understand how a CRM works and its capability, but to take a backward step from the business and understand what it is that your business needs from the CRM as well as the processes and people within it. It worked as a bit of a business review to cut out unnecessary processes and focus on what data is important and how it can be used productively.”

Aaron Arkley, Director, Ark Partnership