Mentoring is a supportive learning relationship between a caring individual who shares knowledge, experience and wisdom with another individual who is ready and willing to benefit from this exchange to enrich their professional journey


Root Cause Consultancy was established to offer support for individuals and teams using business management experience from the coal-face; lessons learned working within companies large and small and all adaptable for the SME business sectors across the UK.

Solutions are not always those 'packaged well' and which offer results using programmes 'out of the box'. In our experience, unless delivered at a pace the business can handle change; monitored and supported to embed those activities, they tend to have short-term impact on the business.

However, we know that at a time like this, when businesses of all shapes and sizes have been hit hard by coronavirus, business owners and leadership teams around the UK are getting back to basics and thinking about survival rather than productivity improvements.

Whether it’s finding new ways to motivate and engage with your staff, taking a look at the internal leadership and management styles or considering investing in the kind of tools and technology that will help prepare your business for new ways of operating; there is no better way to tackle these kinds of challenges than by learning from mentors who have been there and can appreciate the challenges you face.

That’s what our mentoring offering is all about. Working with individuals or through teams, Root Cause Consultancy brings together practical advice related to your business challenges with thought through options, change management at a pace the business can cope with, discovery meetings to fully understand the business and the processes used, team workshops with the individuals responsible for results.  

Then we do not have events and leave you to ponder on implementing the ideas and actions planned, we stay engaged with those involved through regular 1 to 2-hourly face to face review meetings (webinar meetings if not possible).

Meetings are held at least every quarter and you are able to have full access to like-minded people to bounce your ideas off whenever you feel the need.